Tory Lane’s Little Crapper Reamed Hard by Horny Bozos!

tory lane penetrated in all three holes

You see Tory Lane’s thoroughly penetrated asshole there? Yep, right now those cockboys are busy reaming the filthy bitch’s other holes, but when that butthole gets even a teeny bit tighter from being neglected in this scene, they’re going to go back to it real quick and stretch it out even more!

And to think that they’re only getting started in this scene, because these fuckers have been waiting for a whore who was into anal penetration for so long, all that frustrated, pent-up fucking energy just built up in ‘em and finally let loose only with this unfortunate skank. Well heck, Tory can handle ‘em. Hope she doesn’t waddle too much from the pain when it’s all over though!

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Teenage Anal Slut Haley Gets a Fat Dipstick Up Her Bippy!

haley paige gets an ass full of cock

With a cute, wild teen like Haley who loves to flirt around with boys and get her anus shoved with dickmeat, what mofo could resist when she opens her legs wide for screwin’ time? Only a fool would skip on this golden opportunity to plow through a sweet teen’s virgin-tight bippy like this. Good thing the fucker we were filming wasn’t!

He put her on his lap first and started seducing the pants outta this little lady, and then a few moments later he was ramming his beefmeat up her poop hole with the slut all wet n’ buckin’ with excitement! Penetrating teenage booty never felt this good, and this duo’s sure to keep up the bumfuckin’ scenes long after the cameras stop rolling!

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Gia Paloma’s Little Clothes Ripped Up in Sizzling Gangbang Bum Penetration!

gia paloma roughed up in anal fucking

Gia Paloma should have known better than to mess around with a bunch of horny perverts; she told ‘em she’s up for some hard anal banging, so she better be true to her word or else these fuck-boy won’t have any other choice than to force her! Well, she did a little at first, and then tried to escape through the studio’s back door. She ended up getting throbbing beefies slammed against her back door instead!

Now her clothes are all ripped apart, and she didn’t even bring a change of clothes in case this happened. Oh well; these boys don’t mind having a bum-penetrating all-nighter with her, so she’s sure to get her just desserts all night long!

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